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OZO Fitness

C3D Pedometer for Walking

Exercise Tracking to Count On!

  • Minimal programming required
  • Tracks everything you need
  • Keeps your routes private, nothing shared with apps or computers
  • Built-in clock
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Track your activity without computers, apps or recharging. The C3D will record your steps, distance, calories burned and activity time all day long.

  • Daily step target bar
  • Easy view screen
  • Auto-resets & Auto-dimming
  • 7 day recall
  • Total counts
  • 24/7 online help desk
  • eMail & Phone support
SC 3D Pedometer for Walking


C3D Features

Track Steps

Walking / Running

Track Distance

Miles / Kilometers



Daily Step Target

Track to Goal

No Bluetooth

No computers

Extended Battery

No recharging


Pedometer Size



  • Displays up to 99,999 steps
  • Tracks steps, calories, distance & activity time
  • Visual & Audible Chime for Step Goal notifications
  • CR2032 battery included
  • Removable Clip & Lanyard included


Piece of cake to program and super easy to use and see. I Love it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Works great!

It arrived sooner than expected. Works great and easy to set up.

R. Greenman
Good value

This pedometer does exactly what I purchased it for. It tracks my steps and miles. I didn't want anything fancy. It does not sync with my iphone, but for the price, I didn't expect it to do that.

James R.
Not as user friendly as its predecessor, especially for vision or mobiliy impaired folks

I have the predecessor and loved it, but it took an accidental trip through my washer and dryer and is now erratic, so I got this new device. The earlier one also has a softer fee, and was available in pretty colors. This is like the early Fords. You can have any color you want, as long as you want black. The new version is hard plastic. It does what it is supposed to do AFTER setup. If you want to use the lanyard occasionally, plan on a few extra minutes to attach it. Now, here are the details. The device has four setup buttons instead of two. Each setup screen doesn't remain displayed very long, so you have to be quick, or you get to start over. Setup too about half an hour as compared to a few minutes. Some of the parameter tolerances seem to have changed. I have a 21 inch stride, but the smallest I saw was 30. The step count appears to remain accurate, but I don't believe the distance traveled will be. I will check that out when I walk a known course. Then there is the lanyard. The previous version was smaller and had a little bar to use to loop the lanyard through. This one is longer, with no discernable benefit to the extra length. The lanyard bar has disappeared, but you get two VERY small holes on the back of the device to thread the lanyard through. Thread is the operative word. The threading portion is about as rigid as a piece of thread, and the holes are barely big enough to get the end into. It didn't want to come out the other way. I could see the end, so I finally used a pin to pull it out the other hole. If you have a vision problem, or fine motor control problems, you may have to wear the clip and thread the lanyard through the back of the clip. Please, OXO, bring back the older version. In addition to being easier to use, more fitting for smaller people's strides, and more compact, the feel aesthetic appeal are better. Newer is not better in this case.

Works great

It actually records steps when not on your hip or in a pocket. Good for no pocket dresses.


Was very happy with Ozos older pedometer, but the midnight reset only was a bit of a drag. This newer version is PERFECT! Daily counts can be reset @ any moment. Super easy setup. Easy read modes: time, clock, calories burned, steps. Bonus: buzzes when ones daily step goal has been reached.